What is Word-lore?


1. the study of or information of words (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary)
2. the vocabulary of a particular language and the history of its words (Dictionary.com)
3. a blog where you can read stories, poems, speeches, and quotes (word-lore.blogspot.com)

Here at word-lore, you can read poems by famous writers from around the world. Need to read a poem online for homework? You'll find it here in Word-lore. Need a speech for a declamation contest, browse through our site and find one that suits you. Our stories, poems, and speeches also have explanations and overviews to help you understand what you're reading (Trust us, they can be pretty useful). Also, since this is Word-lore, our blog has tons of stuff about Shakespeare.

So, if you need anything about words and language, you can leave comments and ask questions. We'll help in any way we can.